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Monday, August 25, 2008


Let’s just finish what you have left of me,

Just scraps and junk,

Patches of moss sticking to the outside,

Looking like broken car bodies,

Lying in junk yards…

Let’s make the best,

Of what is left of me,

Incomplete, while u left…

Bare, where your memories have gnawed.

While I remain stuck

In this quick sand of non realities,

Of realizing that the bleed

Is that of ink on unwritten letters…

Let’s just write those down,

Make this real again.

Let’s believe that it never happened,

You give me the vodka cocktail,

Top it up with a little lime and cyanide,

Let’s cease to exist…

Or at least me,

My sour sole mortified,

Take the body away too.

Put me in that crushing machine

Where you had led my heart once…

Finish what you had left of me,

Scraps and junks of rusted car bodies.

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