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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

dream sequence in sepia

Every bloody beginning has a beautiful end and the bloody ends have romantic unreal beginnings. Much like the scripts we have had written on our palms.

We are born with these scripts and we decide we need to change them. It is one of those impossible tasks. Like growing wings and flying away to nowhere. And yet destiny gives ‘the one’ hope. And hence her destiny has been wrongly foretold. She is Cassandra herself n’ though no one else believes her… she knows she is right. Nothing she does will make her ultimate destiny change. She is incapable of being loved. She lost the one who had loved her the most… almost as if those days were a dream sequence… shot in sepia.

They aren't coming back

‘The one’ has started to believe in god, (did you know?) Onyx had a simple say in this matter, “Don’t. He doesn’t care enough”…

he doesn’t?


Onyx does not want to wake up in the mornings these days. Each day wishes that this was the last time he was closing his eyes. I can only hear him and sense a déjà vu.

And the last time ‘the one’ wished that, was when she was living my dream. She didn’t want to wake up simply because she knew that if she does, the pain would be too hard to bear… it would all seem to unreal. She would want more of the dream… she kept her eyes closed for a long time thinking it’s not over yet.

Dream sequence in sepia.

For weeks together she slept wishing the dream would be re lived again.

Even in non-reality.

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