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Thursday, July 03, 2008

sold soles

Things of importance are often abandoned in the paths of life… the realization comes in moments of randomness; While walking down from office, while sitting in the hotel room (with cigarettes smoked one after the other) , while watching TV, or even in the faces moving around in streets. Most of these are in moments of thoughts wandering around… generated in pictures taken, and edited…

It’s how you presume it to be, of shoes and chappals thrown away in heaps, lying in one corner of the street, conspicuous. Or of mere children, playing in the mud, covered in dirt, hungry, parents in some other corner of the city, working as some labour somewhere, unaware, uncaring. Not inhuman though, it is survival that is at stake. Everything remains dispensable in this world. It is a mere thought of eternity, a hope that something called love keeps alive. You just leave them behind. Stub them out from your lives. In the clichéd phrase of what we call “tissue paper”. Derogatory as it may sound, every one of us do that. Make something important; use it as much as we can, not in selfish terms, then dispose it. Human, non human doesn’t matter… It’s a way of life.

Selling of our souls is a similar process. Sometimes I like to believe, that when god made us, it was a mere trade with the devil, ultimately sold us to him, I can’t figure out for what…. He taught us how to breathe, and then gave us temptations. In quite literal terms, got bored with us and threw us away for something better that the devil had to offer. Now we are mere playthings, mere conspicuous heaps on the roadsides of a huge city. Stranded here with nowhere to go, we try and make acquaintances with each other and try and be important again in the eyes of the one who threw us away. At times even act as if we were once favorites of god. It’s like dogs racing after the stuffed hare, mere illusions of a “better tomorrow” or a “heaven above”. In our hearts we know its only darkness after this. We are pawns in hands of two players who would do anything to outdo each other. There is not much more of an importance of our lives in anything else. What greater cause does it serve? We destroy the very planet we live in. Take away the best things from everyone else’s lives and call it ‘grabbing opportunity’. We make our own and other’s lives miserable, without knowing it, be the complete bitches/ bastards that we ourselves hate so much.

We love, waiting to fill our hearts with all the happiness with just that one feeling. Forget about everything else. Just thank god that we were down in this heap for that one person. And then the person turns out to be god again…. We are mere toys, who make gods happy. The purpose of life.
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