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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

beer pitchers and the rest....

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due to my dearest merchandiser... who is forever busy and has a forever tomorrow stuck to him i cant start my production work ... and believe it... its frustrating having no work to do... and a internet connection slower than the... uh.... mm mm.... well ok i cant think of anything to beat this shit in 'slowliness'

well, it seems a lot can transpire between two pitchers of beer shared between 3 people in MG road, bangalore... no matter how cool it sounds and looks i love delhi.... and im thoroughly missing delhi and well in a lot of ways missing college... and i thought that would never happen.

between the talks and the sips of beer, and music there were several points that can be notices

  1. more women in bangalore smoke and drink openly than in delhi or bombay or kolkata

  2. the music in bangalore is several times better, by that i mean that the overall sense....

  3. people like pink floyd... i mean in a room of 15 x15 there are more than 10 people who love pink floyd and can sing along if led zep is played, and its not all just wrongly timed head banging, and having beer and saying "yaar feel aa gayi"

  4. good humour, is very very necessary.... it stimulates brains... for that i should thank pokey. he kept me and sohan in fits of laughter for most of the time.

  5. pork and beer dont make a very good combination,.... especially if it is not crisp enough....

  6. all guys are jerks, they just cant get out of the wolf syndrome.... they have to turn around if a chick in a remotely short skirt walks by.

  7. i have loads of movies which i need to watch, a complete list that may fill 3 fullscape sheets if printed in font size 8 arial narrow.

  8. i need a music player, desperately. and i cant afford it.... yet.

  9. beer is costly. despite mallya.... especially in pubs... the music kinda balances it out...

  10. bash brothers are crazy... and i miss them, loads.... and all the crazy things....

  11. i miss beer, i really do.... tirupur doesnt offer beer

  12. actually tirupur offers nothing... and yet im not bored of it ... really... im bored but it has kinda got into the system... is this what im going to turn into.... boring, and systematic..

had a blast this time in bangalore... met up with mr faraz too... who is as usual, quirky...
met up with pokey. which was great...
anish and me had loads of fun, which may require a completely new blogpost...which is not coming up soon
and i had punjabi food.... yeah that is a novelty these days.... and momos and barista coffee... and i smoked in public after a long time.... its blissful to be not so bored

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