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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

bangalore blues....yellows... and oranges.

Pic Copyright (C)

hmmm.... one great thing that i waited for all the last few months ...was to go to bangalore to meet my best friend, and vamsi... what is strange is... i never knew i was so madly in love with him... dint even know i would cry coz of him so much. it's strange how i believed that i will never feel like that for anyone like i felt for sam ever in my life... but here i was... missing him crazy, thinking y am i wasting my time in tirupur whereas i can be with him... and knowing that he doesnt love me back...probably never will.... its subhav all over again.... and its been over six months i have been trying to get out of this.... convincing myself that i should not feel like that... he is rude for a moment... and i get all hurt...even if not deliberately.... those two days were one of the most beautiful days of my life... loved them and miss them and im going again.... i guess i am a sadist.. i like hurting myself...
by the way the pik above is sketched by me.....so no credits.
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