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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the humdrum of tirupur

I am in Tirupur... as many would know... and many wouldnt even know where that is... well in tamil nadu.. near coimbatore... and its a strange kinda place... exactly as i expected it to be..
small town
nice people,
nothing after 830
south indian food,
hardly any hindi speaking people,
a couple of odd food stalls here and there....
one thing that it is not is ...its not vegetarian(thank god)...unlike the last few towns i have visited.... maheshwar, hrishikesh, jaipur (in my defence... jaipur has more than required veg paradises{forgive the use of 's' in paradise}) i have non veg every day... infact a couple of dinners has been only chicken.. and im not complaining.
flipside.... i have forgotten how to speak in proper hindi...or at least thats what i think.....
so, the work is going great and greatly slow... the process is exceptionally a drag.. thr is practically nothing to do here..as of now. cant start the sampling work due to funny glitches... so im passing my time mostly being a part time computer engr (yeah bones, you can laugh) ....and part time HR executive (mostly data analysis) ...and part time entertainer....oh!!! and a part time receptionist..... and i guess that is cool... but the real problem starts when i get back home... with nothing to do.... friends episode re runs.. on star world and zee cafe, the odd movies on star movies and hbo and/or disney channel.....then NARUTO (wait for it all day) then some other movie.... then euro cup.... thank god i gained interest in football...sleep at 2 get up at 8 straight to office.
the buses are nice here... and i have learnt just kaam chalu tamil.. interesting language... there are hardly any abusive words in this language... and it is kinda complex..or maybe i find it complex.
and i met a guy.... yeah dont jump to conclusions... no romantic inclinations... its just that he is probably the only guy in tirupur who loves rock and most of all he loves pink floyd.... plays the guitar fairly well and doesnt crib about me smoking, or wanting to drink. and yeah he is not a tamilian... no offence to tamils alright... its just that its nice to speak to a guy in hindi or english without an accent....
trips have been made to cunnoor and bangalore... and both have been amazing... bangalore especially but that comes later.....
pictures will come up...but wait for that
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