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Sunday, March 12, 2006

tagged by adi

hmmm..it takes kinda long to do this but anyway will do it
and adi has taken very long to pass this tag along

  1. slim myself up(believe me that means i need to be immortal for that)
  2. bike up to ladakh and down to kanyakumari in one single trip
  3. start painting...(a canvas with a riot of colors)
  4. buy a small bunglaw(like those we paint in our childhood paintings....complete with a red roof and a lawn)
  5. adopt a girl child (and bring her up on my own)
  6. buy a suv and go on my honeymoon trip on that (oh that includes getting married)
  7. go on a cruise....( to nowhere)
(may be i can include this......pass my first year of my college for once)
  1. Be practical (always live and feed on dreams)
  2. be mean (i have tried that and i end up hating myself)
  3. stop missing SAM(hmm .....for those who know me self explanatory)
  4. drive (:( waaaa still not learnt...just know how to drive my kinetic)
  5. be focussed(lols that's next to impossible for a rackous woman like me)
  6. stop making a fool of myself (if i stop that ,i would stop being aparna)
  7. be silent(well thats like a conception acc to my frnds...wen i stay silent..they crib thr is something wrong with me...lols so dont like being questioned)
  • SEVEN THINGS I LOVE IN MY MATE (hmm...beware these are things that used to be thr...no longer applicable)
  1. he is SAM...he is really like perfect
  2. he does not have to say he understands, he just does
  3. he is as mad abt music as i am
  4. he balances me out ...im mad ...he is sane
  5. he needs to be loved(believe me none of my/his friends can imagine him behaving childishly but he does..he loves to be pampered)
  6. he takes care of me like im a princess
  7. he loves me as much as i love him
(probably i dint deserve as much of him as i got...may be somebody else needs him much more than i do)
  1. He should be sam with a few changes
  2. love me for what i am ...noit what he wants me to be
  3. be a lil more caring and loving
  4. be a lil more expressive abt his love
  5. always shud not look at what im worng at...even if he does subtely change it
  6. not leave me and just go..wen he knows i need him
  7. not be ashamed of me infront of his friends that im his gal...or atleast not make me feel so
  8. have a lil more supportive parents
  9. be able to balance things....in life....
(ahem very difficult for me)
  1. Kahin dur jab din dhal jaye(anand....and the bengali version of the same song)
  2. love will keep us alive(eagles)
  3. tu hi re (bombay...OST)
  4. jhoka hawa ka ( hum dil de chuke sanam...OST)
  5. nahi saamne ....(taal...OST)
  6. foolish games (jewel)
  7. black (pearl jam)
  8. hazaron khwahishe aisi (ghalib)
  9. wonderful tonight...and tears in heaven(eric clapton)
thr are so many that i have lost count
  1. short stories...satyajit ray(in bengalii learnt the language to read him)
  2. harry potter (well please dont laugh...i love HP's magical world.)
  3. alchemist (and why not? its so simple with a whole lot of my beliefs in thr)
  4. anton chekov...short stories (well words are not enought to say y i love them so much
  5. sherlock homes(for more reasons than one)
  6. love story -eric segal.....(i am romantic i cant help it)
  7. ruskin bond(i love reading him in any form)
  8. ayn rand 'we the living' (...keep living )
  9. thr are so many others....the short contemporary stories by indian authors
thr are many more i cant even think of them right now....
  1. Anand ( why not? thr is no other movie that has made me cry...i cried and smiled at the same time) i love all other hrishikesh mukherjee films....starting from anari to chupke chupke to jhoot bole..
  2. notting hill(i'm a true romantic..heeehee >blushes)
  3. paheli....welll amazing shots
  4. black (for the same reason)
  5. dil se and bombay...mani ratnam films i loved
  6. andaz apna apna and hera pheri and liar liar(serious laugh riot)
  7. rang de basanti...one contemporary film that made a hit to my gut
  1. What the f***!
  2. a whole lot of abuse(in hindi and engish)
  3. oh damn!
  4. life sucks
  5. life sucks more than i know
  6. "i'm a bitch"
  7. i dont give a damn...
  8. sam this... sam that....
  1. my bro
  2. dad
  3. mom
  4. sam
  5. ashrit
  6. my love
  7. Jhum kakima
  8. sweetu and dee
  9. rushabh agom
  10. mohini ma'am
  • SEVEN THINGS I love to DO
  1. DREAM and fantasize
  2. READ and WRITE
  3. miss sam...and love him ofcourse
  4. SPEAK
  5. travel
  6. sketch
  7. and the last and not in the least....music...sing breathe and live
  1. http://perceptinglife.blogspot.com/
  2. http://roshan18.wordpress.com/
  3. http://www.loyalgurl.krify.com
  4. http://www.pgdvirus.blogspot.com
  5. http://www.spidey.krify.com/
  6. http://www.drippingocean.blogspot.com
  7. http://www.rikgittok9.krify.com/
whoa still tagging not happening
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