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Thursday, February 09, 2006

dancing on the bloods

kuchh kar guzarne ko... khoon chala khoon chala
aakhon ke sheeshe mein, utarne ko khoon chala
badan se tapak kar.zameen se lipat kar
kalion se, rasto se, ubhar kar, umad kar
naye rang bharne ko, khoon chala khoon chala
The blood walks on driven to make a mark
Walks on to be emulsed in the glassy eyes
Running down the body , draping the soil
From the buds, from the roads, it spurts, it spills
And the blood walks on and on to fill in the new colors...

Body of a Khalsa Sikh being burned by rioters in Delhi

the new blood, us....we do walk on and ignore the blood...how many of us actually stand up for the blood that our own people shed for us...last whole night after coming back at three from the movie i have been thinking would i be dj and decide to die and sift the system...well i said "hello, kitno o maroge yaar ,saaala sara system to kutte hi chalate hain."(how many will you kill, the whole system is run by dogs")

well thats what the guys in the film also said right?they wanted to run away from the system too...they did initially...and then moved on to the extreme...they fought the system..yes they did die trying but they did try...ruddy wen have we tried....i can boast of a year loss coz i dint want to pay the ruddy "system" money, so that i pass..but does the fight end there?
shouldnt my blood run on...to spurt out and envelop the system....let the blood flow....let it get mixed with the rest too...let the new blood run and fight for what we anyway need....a good honest life
i doubt anybody will back me up if ever i have the guts to make a difference....would i ever be brave enough....i wuld probably if the situation was mine.... but do i have to wait for a situation? am i human being or a robot being run by the soceity....do this do that....let the system be...let the world run as it is...
and just lead my own life....be successful - rich...dim lak lak dim...dance to the tune of the system...do nothing....
what a prat!
i laugh loud now....my concience is strangling itself...and the guilt takes a stronger grip...i dont want to watch the movie again...not because it was not good...because it hits me way too hard, at the wrongest of places... wrong or is it the right one?
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