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Saturday, January 28, 2006

walk along the jungle

yesterday went for a long walk with rush, gom and qleen....in the jungle.....kinda beautiful but cant match the beauty of the mountain jungles....saw a lot of peacocks.....beautiful in those bushes....
suddenly rushabh goes on to say something that i wud call the moment of the day..."i found out a reason why i dont wanna die" after a long pause he just asks outta the blue "have u seen " lord of the rings?"

unfortunately i have not...inspite of the great reviews i have heard about it!

and i said so...so he said he has and he saw the 3rd part before the 2nd part..
and 3rd by par is much better than the 2nd but he dint enjoy it...coz he saw it before....ahem....so therefore he doesnt want to suicide coz if he suicides he wud see the latter part of his life first and hence not njoy it and know it to the fullest...and also miss out on another part that he would probably wish later that he shud hav seen before trying out the 3rd...ahem ahem..
somewhat like that.. i think....

so hence lets make sure we see all the parts of our lives in the very same order.....WELL that also means keeping the innoscence and maturity in the very same order.....some other time...ok...hey by the way i posted something new ..(.to those who read regularly)so scroll down
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