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Monday, January 02, 2006

of drunkenness and carelessness

drunk women cartoons, drunk women cartoon, drunk women picture, drunk women pictures, drunk women image, drunk women images, drunk women illustration, drunk women illustrationsi hav a friend ,married yet, quite young at heart...a romantic to the core and the quite the kinds i love being 'friends' with had a new year bash at a family friends place inspite of all the work i had at the back log of my life(it always does run on backlog) hmm back to my friend.....well she has (rather now had) a dream....to get drunk and do everything without the limits.....hmm ...it turned true on new years quite unexpectedly(for me at least)...and i know i wanted to be with her...though i wouldnt have been much help...but anyway,it turned out that it was good i was there...coz i knew mom wouldnt take it as nicely as anybody else(she had a wrinkled nose and a stared a pure "mom" stare at my friend...as if she was a naughty teenager who had gone astray)rest of them were cool on the outside atleast. who blew up was her husband....started shouting like a pure MCP and well feminist that i am, i couldnt take it...thank god for dad and the fact that the man is much older to me that i dint shout and scream at him(i felt like rather smacking him at that point)..rather i just looked at him...{oscar winning performance by aparna ...clap clap clap}...just looked as if im looking at him out of courtesy...like one does when the other one is talking......and here come the climax...tada!..he shouts at me!....because i was looking at him!.....(the reason?..i call it 'guilt') he screamed at ME for 'looking' at him...crime? perhaps i dint deserve the oscar after all..maybe all that hatred just poured into my eyes....as if my eyes were daggers and i was abt to murder him.....i wish they really were... maybe not murder just a bit of a stab here and there

i came back home in a bad mood...broooding over how that man will treat m friend the next day...thinking whether her son would take this all well(he did after all that...im proud of him),whether she will be well,and of course when will i finally start working....lazy ass i am.

worked....today and a lot...

and of course on the 2nd of january ......i have lost my cell fone 'waaa'....dad will kill me...mom has not yet tried...(thank god)..maybe they will murder me together....I'm now thinking of a good bye speech...

....""thank you all who love me and those more who hate me """....may be this how i will start

now i suffer my own carelessness and the thieves of m college....im changing professions very soon..theft is likel to be the next best thing i believe

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