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Saturday, December 24, 2005

books,parables and a 33,000 gods

went to the church today
had a good time..
is gods existance just based on our faith
and is his love and mercy restricted to our love for him
y then does he want to save obnly christians...that too baptised...
another thing that came to my mind..they alws talk in the church as if hindus know nothing...really...they really know nothing..?
the stories that hindus build are no more unbelievable than bible stories...
they can be treated as parables too....then y are they called superstitions
hinduism is not abt a religion and 10000 gods
its abt work culture and being good and honest...
its also abt thanking god for lil miracles...
not just abt 10 000 rituals...its also the positivity attached to it
its not just abt singing "hare krsna... krsna krsna....krsna krsna... hare hare"
its also abt the love ...the indescribable love in which people forget themselves and get one with god
its abt the belief and the duties that every man, woman has towards life...
its abt living life and not just salvation...salvation is achieved through goodness..and fulfilment of duties...thats wat hindu books say...work without lust...without greeed
because goodness is the symbol of god...not just mercy....but love ...thats it.....does love need to be categorised,into forgiveness and help and mercy and all that...its just plain love...isnt it?
the core of christianity...or for that matter an religion says the same...
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