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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

of joy and complexity

this goes as an answer to my dear friends who have been leavin thr precious comments ,mails and of course having phone conv. up with me to tell me....(not ask me... mind you) "....whats wrong with you?" ok inspite of whatever way im going, thinking, understanding, questioning......i love every bit of it! it doesnt get me upset...most of it is introspection im NOT UPSET...I repeat.....i love it every moment of my life is a lifetime lived...even those sad times are "mine" ...the thing is my relaxation doesnt come from everybodies types of "njoy life" i njoy my life from the places where nobody else looks in... like being lonely ...opening my heart out and still hiding from people i do poetry..i read...i chat up with people!i think abt sam! i dream what ill do when i become famous(though i may never be) i live these moments, now, here.....i live the 'now' moments every day... i be upset and still im content...thats the the word... my confusion doesnt exist...yes abt life ill alws be confused because life has no meaning actually...but that doesnt stop the quest of living...as it comes. . one thing people never understand...sorrows are as much a part of life as happiness! and i have accpeted it that way! i am upset because situations are against me!i wont go by anybodies word of do this and do that!my feelings come naturally. ..theyre not triggered..... i know what i want in life and friends please dont judge my life through what i write...they just pour out.....words have no control over me just as i dont have any control over them.thoough its ok for me to write whatever i want! i have allowed them to break my damn and flow..as they want.. they sometimes come, sometimes are just lost!
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