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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Who Will Save Your Soul

life is funny....really funny .....it takes these wierd twists which i can never undersatnd.....


i mean whenever u start feeling secure and good abt life it shakes u up and says 'hello, what are u feeling happy abt?'
and it keeps testing u...or maybe thats what we feel it is ...a test!...
who knows whats coming in life?
who knows who is god and who is not?..after all who wrote these books that define god?....how do we know who is right and who is wrong?...who are we to decide at all?
.and thats y i cant leave it upto the gods decided by men.....god is thr no arguments.....but god is god...thaz it...nothing else nothing more nothing less
my life that tests me now will be balanced later ...and that too depends on completely 'me'!
i wanna now have hold on it...im tired of leaving it to others....
the funny thing is that the very same ppl who made fun of my desperate situations in life are in the very same situation now and i feel bad for them ....it makes me feel that life is veangeful...it shudnt be...i dont like the idea of vengeance..i find it sadistic.....wonder if anything is wrong with me(acc to the world)
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