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Thursday, December 15, 2005

sinking to the glooms

ok wierd i know i may sound.....but i have this sinking feeling these days...upset over something and i cant pinpoint at it?crazy eh!
but seriously...i feel like being alone all day...not even talking to sam...frankly even keeping him out of my mind....
shutting out people. .i just dont know why i feel like feeling lonely!
hmm hollow rather.
a feeling that is in peacewith itself but its just not my usual self!
i feel everything around has a nasty false air abt it
as if something wrong is about to happen
AND YET it reminds me of something from harry potter....dementors..spreading an unexplainable gloom over those who cant see them.
all my sad memories seem to be flooding bak to me....i m taking them easily....taking them as if they were all but nightmares ,,,but the more i want to let them go the more they take hold of me!
its bliss is it? does bliss feel like this...im drunk....drunk on sorrow
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