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Thursday, December 15, 2005

reminiscence of a forgotten travel

there are many things in my country unexplained...untrodden
several of them in my city.....some of them just superstitions some of them experiences and wierd ones at that.

experiences that held some mysteries which ar now considered as divine intervention
several unknown unnamed faces keep appearing here.helping people out without question....people without money or food or even for a trek that became unfruitful due to some reason!
this happened way back round 1995 summers i think

a family had gone on a trek to "gomukh" in the northern himalayas where ganges is supposed to have come from(no its not gangotri as the books tell you. the source of the water is still unknown) the trek ends at this cow shaped outlet for a full outburst of water

called gomukh. no names here and also it not a first hand experience so cant giv all the details but here goes
three people on the trek .... guess somekind of landslide held them back in a villag near gangotri.....all of them diheartened and almost about to turn back...out comes this 13-14 year old boy a shepherd or something who tells these two families(anothr family had joined in,among which was lady with gout, and a man with heart disease) he can help them out...aprehensive but all the same they went for it.....he took them from this unknown route which was shorter but riskier...telling them which stone to step on and which to avoid(since half the stones are actually all but old dirty ice)where not to step and afterhours of trek they reach gomukh!he helps them reach he helps them come back,,,,,and then gets lost!

not taken money nothing!he just vanishes......the families think he might have just gone back home without telling them and they enquire at the village...the village isup on the mountains and there are hardly any inhabitants ....so all the people know each other on a first name basis.....try as they might nobody who that boy was and how did he know the other route so well...mysterious it may not be.....but to them who had been so dissapointed he came like an angel.....helped the other family more than the one i knew...

i dont know several times i have heard of the guardian angels that god sends for his people.....who seem to be there just the moment when u need them...

i have heard about little krishna coming to the aid of the children when they need help
i have seen small miracles of my bal gopal( a small copper efigy of baby gopal krsna) who keeps throwing tantrums......there are unnamed helpers all over the world...we just ignore them thats it....they might or moght not be real people i ll never know..but they will still be msngrs sent from heaven ......people who came at the right time...been there at the right moment....and still lay forgotten coz we never got round to asking them who they were...they are reminders god sends us that he does want everyone to do as he wants but the choice still lies in our hand what we want to do....they are faces that donot want to be revealed ...coz if they are revealed they would lose their purpose...of helping without want.
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