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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

this one for u

I hate it when people act biased...specially the way they say "these indians"..... " those americans".... "that german".. "you girls"...."we men"... so on and so forth.....where did the individual go in all these?
but there is saying that goes.....
"doctor heal thyself"...
and then i looked into myself and asked when was the last time i biased and generalised people..."oh! right in the morning"
I tried to just press down the good aparna and say "ha!" while waiting for that inner voice to 'spoof!'(like it goes in the cartoons) what the hell! but i realised this real aparna is right...i have always kind of been against girls...i specify 'girls'..... with a lot of money...not that i was jealous or something...but generally...i never asked myself why?
i guess some questions i must ask myself and answer them before i fall into their category of being a hypocrite.........sweetheart (they correct me) the word is... "diplomat"
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