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Monday, November 28, 2005

to keep my promise....

now i am back in my optimistic world where everything that goes wrong is also for a right reason.the reason is me.
You know whenever i think of whatever problems i'm facing i always think that may be my life is like this coz god wants my future more beautiful than the others...and now i am thinking is life a competition. to be betterthan others ...is it all that is there to life....having more money than others...or having a better spouse than others...or having a more beautiful house than others...wearing better clothes than others...being more successful than others
i had neverthought of the competition conciously,,,but i was competing
i wish that my competition, if at all, was with myself...my own soul...for betterment of my soul,
not to lie,not to be covetious, not to hate, not to be rude, not to ask for more than i have,to compete in politeness,

cant i just compete for that,with myown self
its not that iwant to prove myself.but just to look at myself everynight and say "aparna,today you learnt this"
i used to do this ,,,but now,i havechanged(i would have said that the world taught me that i have to change but....) i allowed the world to affect me so much that i changed.is that fair?
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