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Not so young Fashion Graduate From National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Delhi, India. Aspiring journalist. Amongst other eclectic hobbies, she likes writing and has written several poems and articles over her school and college life and now for a living. She would someday like to be be a more popular writer than just on her blogs. 'Tis a lady of grand splendor, who waketh in my bed every morning while the sun beckons her towards night...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Not ashamed...

……….I am in the battleground
Trying to fathom my reason for being here.
Is it only the hunger for glory?
I thought, I was fighting for freedom of people like me.

It is true I love myself, but that does not make me misanthrope!
It is you, who ask me to purify;
But aren’t you the one, who, predestined my action?
Aren’t you the one who chose to sit near my head?

I know I will be disgraced for my audacity to stand up against the mighty;
Your loved ones pawned themselves for a moment of glory;
You played your part well.
Wasn’t it cowardice indifference?
At least, unruly human beings will follow my lifeless body

When I leave this battleground, dishevelled, disrobed,
Knowing I was one of them, who was not indifferent.

Have you seen yourself in your recently polished mirror?
While talking about rightfulness,
Aren’t you forgetting that lonely person, whom you left midway?
May be your ‘TRUTH” and ‘PURITY’ have some different sublime connotation…….

She doesn't write very often, but I like posting her poetry so people do read them. 
 I have made a label in her name. 
So you can keep reading her poetry if you wish to just by clicking on it. Labels are down below. Hope you like these poems and comment which may convince her to write more and possibly get published in the future.
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