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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Loose Translation of a few couplets from the great poet: Amir Khusro

Don't overlook my misery
Blandishing your eyes
And weaving tales.
My patience has over brimmed
My beloved!
Please take me to your bossom.

Tossed and bewildered
Like a flickering candle
I roam around
Burning in fire of love.

Sleepless eyes and restless body;
Neither she comes,
Nor she sends a message;
Using a thousand tricks
The enchanting eyes robbed me
Of my peace and tranquility.
Is there anyone,
Who would care to go and
Report this pitiable state of mine
To my beloved?

The night of Separation
is like long, labyrinthine curls of your tresses,
The moments of our union
Is short like the life itself.
How do I survive this dark period of separation
Without your face before my eyes?

- Amar Mudi
My father does a lot of poetry and has also published a collection of short poems in Bangla, 
He has also translated several English and Hindi books to Bangla and vice-versa. 
He is a theater enthusiast and a playwright. You can reach him at amarmudi@yahoo.com 
and leave your comments and replies for him.
I will keep linking his books and poetry as his books are not always available everywhere in the world...
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