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Not so young Fashion Graduate From National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Delhi, India. Aspiring journalist. Amongst other eclectic hobbies, she likes writing and has written several poems and articles over her school and college life and now for a living. She would someday like to be be a more popular writer than just on her blogs. 'Tis a lady of grand splendor, who waketh in my bed every morning while the sun beckons her towards night...

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Snake

Every morning we become two pythons
And we start our little game.
We swallow each other and vomit;
Our eyes bulge in suffocation,
And we try to save our own lives,
But in the bargain get transfixed.

Some days we like being cobras
And enjoy the venomous bites.
Those inflictions are like 
Uninhibited coitus of newly weds,
Culminating into poisonous orgasms.
And then peaceful hibernation
Till the next such encounter.

I don't have eyelids,
My body is scaly,
My tongues are forked.
But the day I stand on my feet
I will be a hot-blooded reptile.
For the time being I am happy
To be as I am.
I don't want to be a mud-snake
Like those whom I encounter everyday.

- Anindita Kargupta

The above poem is by the same lady who wrote The Lizard, a couple of weeks ago. till such time that she publishes the poems on her own page  or book., im publishing them here.  Or if she explicitly tells me to take them down. :P

About the Poet: Anindita has been in the education sector for the last 15 years. 
She is now working as a facilitator in Etasha Society which is an NGO that facilitates employment and sustenance of urban underpriviledged youth of India.  She has also worked in several theater productions in Bangla and English.
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