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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Garlic, cheese, and a failed bread

I am in a fairly good mood today... and the moon has decided to come out  looking like a delicious cheese margarita pizza... a half eaten one at that... So, I decided to treat my dear roommate/would be hubby to a delightful meal of cheese filled garlic bread, some hot soup and a whole lotta louv...
However, things I didn’t take into consideration...
  1. Garlic bread can’t be made very well in a mini barbecue however amazing they may be for kababs and tikkas.
  2. I don’t know how to control temperature of coal yet (have to remember asking my chef brother the same)
  3. Baking powder is not a good enough substitute for yeast... the bread just wouldn’t rise well enough.
  4. Cheese burns very fast...
  5. And lastly the bulb to my balcony has fused... and that’s the only thing I forgot to buy when I went down to the market this evening. So, I can’t really see whether the thing is burning or not.

But the taurian shall not back down... the first attempt turned the entire process into a delightful attempt at a great recipe... which did not really misfire... just had a slightly burnt cheese flavoured naan feel when I tasted the cheese filled cooked dough (can’t call it anything else, trust me!).  So, change of plans... I am now making some Lachcha paratha... as the dough is already kneaded... and my famous Dum Matar Alu.
And just for stupendous man to realise what danger he is about to marry, am making just one other Cheese Filled Folded Paratha - so thats what i am going to call it. If it tastes good I will post the recipe. It tasted quite good to me be honest... but I can let people know the final result after Stupendous Man tastes the trial and error recipe – sample 1.

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