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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Green Amla Chutney

One of the best things to have with Pakodas, Alu Parathas, Tehri and even Kurkure is the age old green chutney.
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I have tasted many versions of the chutney and this one is my favourite. The dhaniya and pudina give the freshness, while the ginger hits your tongue and amla has a terriffic after taste that lingers on even while you are hissing and puffing with the heat of the chilli... yummm... just made it and enjoying a quite evening with alu pakodas and the blog and some other reading i have been putting off for a while now.

200 gms Green Corainder (Cilantro)
200 gms of Mint leaves (pudina)
250 gms Amla
100 gms Green Chillies
1" cube of Ginger
1 tsp Salt1 tsp Sugar

Clean and wash the coriander and the mint leaves thoroughly. Separate the leaves from the
The Bengali Shil Nora - the kind I had at home
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Chop the amla into small pieces and remove the seed.
Chop green chillies and ginger.
Put all the ingredients in a wet grinder and make it into a fine paste. Add a little water to make a fine Paste.

Note: I have always found that the chutney tastes the best when traditionally minced in a mortar-pestle or a stone grinder(shil - noda), which my mother used about 10 years ago. but it takes a while and a lot of patience, but the consistency is the best with it
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