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Friday, January 27, 2012

Food Fest @ JNU

Delhi students were given a rather global treat this Republic Day. Jawaharlal Nehru University had its Annual International Food Festival on Thursday as Students from 14 different nations brought their traditional dishes for the Delhiites to savor.
Dishes from Countries like Armenia, Tibet, France, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran, Laos and Vietnam etc. were put out by the student chefs and their friends and families, many bringing their flavor and ingredients from their own countries to get the original taste and aromas of their food. Students, food enthusiasts and young people from all over Delhi were here to taste the flavor and be transported to the far off lands with the essence, without having to pay the cost for the flight. The embassies also pooled in to help the stalls of their respective countries to provide traditional costumes, travel pamphlets and posters, and even Books. Diwash Gahatraj  The music in the late evening were a perfect setting for this wonderful weather, plateful of flavorful evening and the colorful extravaganza in a truly universal way sharing cultures and making friends without having to really speak in the same language.

It is as Cesar Chavez said “If you really want to make a friend, go to someone's house and eat with him... the people who give you their food give you their heart.” 10 years and the festival will hopefully only get spicier every passing year

Reported by Aparna Mudi

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