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Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes

This post comes as a tag from a friends blog (the blog itself is great, and I am just calling her a friend, the blog friend way)
thought it was interesting... and I think more people should do it 

If you are a woman,
Have you ever wanted something that is considered ‘manly’ ? Like a basketball, a cell phone, a dog, a camera or a new laptop? A new car or motor bike? Ever wanted to be a pilot? A doctor or not a nurse? And the manliest want of them all – The remote!
As a kid did you enjoy playing with a bat and a ball?
There was a time when books were considered ‘manly’, women authors had to pretend to be men – would you say books are still rather manly – women should want to embroider and crochet?
If you are a man,
Have you ever wanted something that only women are supposed to want – like bags, shoes, clothes, creams, perfumes, babies, flowers? A peaceful home and a happy family? Have you ever been afraid of the dark or of insects?
As a kid did you ever want to play ‘teacher-teacher’, cooking or did you like playing with a doll? Have you ever enjoyed cooking? Bought something in pink? Loved chocolates?

So here’s a tag – Please list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to. The tag is called ‘My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes’. And you must

tag twelve blogging friends.

Considering the fact that my mother says that it doesn’t seem as if I am a woman is proof enough that I have more than 10, but for the sake of mankind I will stick to the numbers.

1.     Always have a very short haircut, so much so, that I have been questioned if i am sitting on a ladies seat in a bus (I’m not that manlike).
2.     Have never had BFFs who are girls, I love hanging out with guys and being one of them
3.     Whistled (and/or checked out) [at] a good looking chick cause my guy friends couldn’t
4.     Love  Counterstrike, i used to play it while my class was going on in college on a laptop
5.     Have  scored more than 50 runs in more than one match in a completely boys team, also have played "maram pitti" with them in school
6.     I smoke and I drink whiskey and rum and like it much more than cocktails or gin or vodka and can have more than 7 large drinks and still be standing and talking sane
7.     I like action movies and sci-fi movies, and enjoy them.
8.     I have always liked muscular bulky Bikes and cars (even though I haven’t learnt driving yet) more than the cute luxury cars.
9.     I don’t like ironing my clothes and dressing properly if I’m going out to get milk and eggs actually that applies to practically everyplace i go
10. I love travelling with as less as possible.. which means, its 2 t shirts, 1 set of night clothes and 1 denim(the one I’m wearing) in a school back pack, and a camera... don’t need anything else to travel
This is just the tip of the ice berg... for more details contact the friends who know me

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