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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

fiction part 2

she is "B"... some one else's though. she looks at the full moon tonight and it stares back, moving ever so slightly every some minutes... she looks back at it almost expecting it to say something... something nice to her.

stupendous man flies in... its strange how he is her superhero, and she realises stupendous man only exists in her head. he has strange powers... he can be somewhere else and can communicate through telepathy, today he is using the moon as his tool. thats how he saves her from troubles. troubles of moons not telling her nice things... stupendous man to the rescue!!!

now is the time stupendous man must be characterised for those who want a mental image of him. he is not you regular "chaddi outside" superhero. he looks more like cupid. with seldom seen cupid like qualities(he wears clothes though). he has a loud booming voice, which goes through anything, even solid walls built around the heart, hardened over the years. laser cant go through it, but his voice can. he quotes shakespeare and he has a red ferrari as his choice of transport. you could see him sitting in the crowd cheering this certain team he likes to call "THE REDS". but you wont recognise him in his secret identity. his physique is rather upside down but that is just a decoy to the enemy... and like all superheros he has a weakness and an arch enemy... a certain woman he calls maya... "B" hasnt figured out whether maya is his weakness or his nemesis or both... "B" guesses both, since a man is most likely to love the one thing he is most likely to be destroyed by. and stupendous man, though a superhero, with a secret identity, is still a man after all.

"B" knows what she is going to do, she gets up...
a breeze blows into the dark room, its still wee hours of the morning... there are clouds in the sky, it is light golden...but the sun hasnt risen yet.
In the blink of an eye "B" changes... the colour of her hair changes from the "burgundy" red to a natural brown. she visits the strange city called "Angular B". she comes back to "Elite D" her home the next moment... she knows who she wants now, everything is clear...
she turns around, and "B" looks into her own reflection as "MAYA"

what happens next???
is maya's making a evil plan to seduce stupendous man into her trap?
or has maya's heart finally melted?
has maya decided to turn over a new leaf?
is this all rather stupid?

stay tuned...

to be contd.
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