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Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I will be blown, to a thousand pieces
i know it, i can see my end
im miles away from it..yet....
yes, that's the one
the rocks that i will hit
the corner where the sea meets the mountain
i can even see the nameless,faceless on the very cliff
the sea air ruffling through their hair
as they now embrace,as they kiss
............or was that me?
I'd forgotten that moment long ago
wiped it like a dream i know cant come true
I actually dont know how i reached this high 
but its bliss... really!
you'd felt it too..remember?
we went to the city fair
both of us holding hands
and as the ferris wheel came down
the hands clasped tight
a gurgle that starts just below the navel
a shout escaped your beautiful heart shaped parted lips
a scream of excitement,of adrenaline
and im feeling that gurgle since eternity
the blissful emptiness...uncaring...gleeful
its just goes on and on and on
I'm very close now,nearing my end
i close my eyes now, spread my arms to my fatality
and then you kiss me awake
to my ruthless, vaccous reality
I say "sweetheart ! "
"please, tomorrow, dont wake me up"

2005/06... not too sure when
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