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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Rather Obscure post

i am rather pissed with life. this typhoid has cramped me like nothing before... im not looking for a job but everyone else is hellbent on making career suggestions to me... which in itself is very depressing... moreover, i want to travel, get out of my normal life asap. im sick and tired of interacting with the same and same kind of people everyday. pretty much on the edge, and stupendous man is not making it too easy either. some weird topic to fight about lands right in my life everyday. and frankly after a whole day of boredome i dont react too well either. in his defense he has been going through rather a lot in the last few weeks... ipl, stupendous' mom, my mom, my typhoid, work work and more work... but still not fair. i need a break and so does he, but then he is not my kinds ...bag uthaya, chal diye... he is rather the "let's plan it out, kitna paisa kharch hoga, kahan rahenge, kya mausam hoga, kya khana hai" and all that.

and now the plans have all gotten drenched in my typhoid... people care too much, i might die of a typhoid relapse apparently... (interestingly i just skipped a whole week of medicine, and im all fine... and that is not proof enough that i will live thru this life threatening disease) so, i cant go anywhere.

i am so bored that its making me tired... i realised that boredome can actually tire people out....by the time its evening i feel as exhausted as if i have run a marathon(not that it is likely for me to run a marathon ever in my life) and even then i have nothing to do, im sick of the 6000+ odd songs on my hard disk, im sick of watching re runs of himym. i am also sick of playing computer games, i dont wanna watch the nice movies on my hard disk either, AND i dont feel like reading!!!....obviously, i really need a vacation... after 6 long years in NIFT, i need a long vacation...but does anyone care? no, they all have other things to look after and obviously im being too derstanding(assuming it to be the opposite of un-derstanding). im being rather stupid, people say, that i need a break from this rut. they all understand that i probably want a vacation, but then it can wait... i dont really neeed one (btw, i know this post will amount to another of the non sensical fights i have had in the last three days.)


i have watched some pretty good movies off late
i have been listening to music again, though now im not in the mood
i have caught up with a lot of old friends who i have not talked to/met in the last few months
i am finally a graduate (stress on "finally")
i have had lovely four weeks with my brother, though i was bed ridden half the time
stupendous man has had some time after the IPL ended and before the world 20-20 starts
i have finally upgraded the internet connection, therefore the speeds of my surfing have considerably improved in the last few hours of my life
I have had very good home cooked food in the last few days.


currently listening to: pearl jam, floyd, hindi classics (mainly gulzar), amrita pritam's poems in gulzars voice 
currently reading(trying to): jeeves, ruskin bond omnibus
current mood : booooorrrreeeed
recently watched :Mary Poppins, curious case of benjamin button, The great train robbery, the terminal, good morning vietnam, Mrs doubtfir, chadmabeshi(bengali), kannathil muthamil(tamil), how i met your mother season 4, eli stone season 2,
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