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Monday, May 25, 2009

the rather unwell phase

for those interested and those not... i am down with typhoid.
now typhoid is a very irritating ailment to have specially for someone who has been planning a vacation since the last three months since she is graduating this year... she has "graduated" too, by the way.
Now, ever since i knew im going to graduate, i decided it was time i went out for an out n out break, not care that i dont have a job, and especially not care that im jobless and jobless. rather happy that i dont have anything to do for sometime and i can blame it all on something as random as "recession" and "job freeze" everywhere. infact people are more than ready to say that this is the right time to go out and enjoy, if there are no jobs, there is no need to be depressed. its the best way to deal with such desperate times. And i was, until recently very happy with the arrangement.

The plan
23rd of may : speculated date for the Nift show
27th may: actual date of the Nift show
  1. Do the show
  2. Party all night
  3. Drink champagne
  4. Get drunk and happy
  5. Eat great "outside" food
  6. Get the hell out of the heat of delhi and enjoy...
as far as i was concerned it was going smooth, until...one day...
i was down with a 103 deg Celsius fever, and it continued the next day and then another day, and the doc suspected something fatal, close to a life threatening brain tumour, at least thats how grave his expression was. and life hasnt been the same ever since.

i , I, ME .....I ..... HAVEN'T SMOKED...... at least not properly, for a whole week.....and that, really means ..... i'm really really unwell. more than anything i cant eat outside, not that i is problem, but i absolutely love chicken, and ham and beef and mutton, and the only light meat apparently is fish. and being a bong thr is a lot at home i can assure you. but what about my daily chicken???
the chicks must be flabbergasted as to why there has been a population explosion in their neighbourhood recently. the Classic Mild boxes must have by now started feeling lonely at the various sutta vallas....

and my plans of a vacation has been dashed.... and im pissed, at life yet again. when i was not supposed to have been pissed about things around me, since there was nothing that could have gone wrong in my blissful summer escapade... it turns out that i cant go anywhere for the next four months...four months i would run out of the excuse of the recession shit.... why god??? why me???
"its just something about your face i dont like" is what i hear
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