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Friday, November 21, 2008

the insignificants

There are a million images one finds when one walks on the streets... of different faces walking around. Of a million insignificant things lying around. Scraps, junks, pieces of paper, maybe some love letters lying around...
And then there are kids. Nameless, faceless, thousands... They beg, they sell odd magazines at every red light. They dance and put up road shows. Have their own games that they play. and you sympathize, give them a rupee or two, in India, they are found every where. they don't have a home to go to in the night. They sleep on the streets...just wherever they may find a little place to put their tiny bodies. The government talks about child labour, education of the "future" and these little "brats" don't even know whether they will eat or not in the night. some just die, without making a sound, get lost in the oblivion... and we can only stand and have pity.

what does one design for them?
what does one inspire from them?
image courtesy: google, i dont remember the link to it.... :(
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