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Saturday, November 08, 2008

in the shadows, and in dostoyevsky

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"there are some rather queer corners in Petersburg. the sun, which shines for all the rest of the city, never seems to peep into those places. it's another sun that does, a new one, specially ordered for these remote corners, and it throws a different, a peculiar light on everything. Life in those remote corners seems a world apart, in no way resembling the life that seethes about us; it is the sort of life that could be going on in some fabulous strange kingdom, and not on our planet at all, in these very, very serious times of ours. and this life is that peculiar mixture of something that is purely fantastic, ardently idealistic and also, at the same time(alas nastenka), bleaky humdrum and ordinary, not to say incredibly banal"

and then there was chandni chowk....
or was that before...????
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