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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

in insanity, in manto, in offence

i have started reading manto "sadat hassan manto". im starting to think whether it was a good idea to read a realist novelist specially when im at this cross road of a dream and a love.
i have been trying to avoid 'serious' books since catch 22. hence avoided "catcher in the rye", but i guess it was just destiny that i bought this book out of all others on the station and started reading it. should i call it depressive, realism is depressive. i just came back to the same conclusion that i keep wobbling from time to time. that someone who is called "barking mad" is generally the one who sees most sense in things. we senseful people have a way of romanticizing ideas and philosophies, we make out things as they are now, or make as we would want them to be.
aur ummeed pe duniya kayam hai...

aur ummeedon se koi ummeed hai nahi mujhe
bahot hi luchha type ka thha...

currently listening to: marasim(i confess i listen to jagjit singh), fuzon, farida khannum, mehdi hassan
currently reading: sajad hassan manto (in hindi), greatest short stories
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recently watched : dead poets soceity, golmal returns

ab tak dil-e-khushfeham ko hai tujh se ummeede..
yeh aakhri shamme bhi bujhane ke liye aa..............
ranjhish hi sahi
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