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Thursday, October 16, 2008

bhosadike kaisa hai??....of abuses and their origins....

It would surprise many of you to know that the origins of this word are 
in a 
Sanskrit greeting, 
Bho sad ike ? भो सद इके ? 
Sir, are you well? 
Everyone knows that 'Sad' is a prefix used for good things, like sadguru, 
sadiccha etc. 
'Bho' is a term used for respect, brahmins will know it since it is used 
in the abhivadaye. 
Ika is a aatmanepadi verb meaning 'to be'. 
ike         ikaavahe      ikaamahe 
Ikase     ikethe           ikadhve 
ikate      ikete             ikante 
are its forms. 
This was a popular form of greeting in ancient India, before the Mughals 
came and prohibited this greeting, for reasons unknown. 
However some enterprising locals continued to use this greeting. 
Therefore, to assassinate this greeting morally, the mughals gave it 
connotations, and those are alive even know. 
It is time we revived our ancient indian traditions....... 
Say Bhosadike to all the people you meet and explain them its true 

got this in my mail box... well seems like a good laugh... i mean seriously.... 
bhosadike... i wish my faculty understood my love i have for my ancient sanskrit culture....
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