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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the woes of janis

Ever since her arrival to my humble terror land (home, as few may cal it) in january, she has been sweet to me, jheloing all my mood swings. listening to me when i was troubled, singing along with me, in her own musical way, fun times. well.... good times dont last forever.
today she fell sick and i realised how much she has been an integral part of my life. throwing tantrums has been an old thing for her... she has done it earlier, a few scolds or a slight smack and she is back to being her old self.
it has been a complete chaos since i came back home... she was actually fine in the morning, and when i came back home she greeted me the way she always does... with her blue eyes twinkling... she knows im ready to give her all my attention... and then she starts being ill, i actually felt she is back to throwing her tantrums, and i dont really pay attention. this is at 5 pm... by the time it was 7 she was completely fucked up... and i was panicking by the moment. Ultimately, common sense prevailed(the good over bad is absolute certainity) and i decided it was time to use what i had been dreading for the last few months... the windows installer cd... formatted her, and now i have been spending the last 2 hours installing all the softwares back as they were... though havent been able to install office yet... im so fucked up tired... waiting for janis' assistant to show up soon. i.e. my external hard disk. I'm now almost done. doing up the essential... almost nursed it back to health. it will take a couple of more days for it to completely be what she was until yesterday. i need a strong dose of antivirus.. and i need suggestions... and well wishes
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