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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

life's questions

The two most important things I need to figure out before I die
  1. "which came first? the chicken or the egg?" and
  2. "what is life all about?"

and the 3rd made its presence felt today. Through a blog that too...

"accidental scrambled eggs or intended ones?" this one comes from 'D'

Well, answers to all these apparently will appear out of thin air, as and when god (and for non believers - 'the subconscious') intends... and most possibly in the ideal (idle) moments spent by people on pots... and by that I don't mean marijuana.

Speaking of questions... here is a multiple choice for you...
"what is the smell that a cigarette smoke leaves behind???
  1. aroma
  2. stink
  3. thoughtfulness
  4. it leaves a smell? i always thought it was the person next to me who's, well..., suffering a bad day of digestion...

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