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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

on the face of it

watched "into the wild" today.. an utter sense of unfulfilment as i put it.. in the sense of a complete life. is life complete when we see it in the face of death. or is it again a sense of loss that we achieve. that we haven't had enough of what we needed or wanted. isn't that what we humans are about. wanting more than we need or needing more than we want.

its a detachment that is needed if we want to do a 'into the wild' walk away from paths that have been set before us. is that escapism or captivating ourselves into a false sense of detachment. where we need to forgive, and we don't. don't forgive ourselves...don't forgive the people around us. people who have "wronged" and people we "think have wronged us"? is it a matter of perceptions? of unheard pleas of letting go. we need to let go. of pasts that still haunt us.. let the happy memories live for you. as a part of your soul.

its not a life until you learn how to live new experiences. until you have the courage to look it into the eye and feel different about it. surprise yourself with a new you. see yourself in new light. what you haven't seen yourself.. how do u get to judge that a certain way of living is not right for you until you have lived it. it always is right. and accepting change with it. change in yourself. change in the way you see think
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