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Friday, May 02, 2008

for the love of curd!

Now Rishikesh has been a trip jiska hangover aaj tak nahi utra hai....
(thr was no way to express that in english with the complete intent.)

well most bash bro experiences are like that. hangovers never leave you alone... they will stay, forever, and you know that any new entrant in the group will first get a complete synopsis (stress on the oxymoron) of what happened in rishikesh (and before that in jaipur. ) ultimately its all andy's fault... special note, i will take no blame on myself.
We all need a break,
We have to, have to, go somewhere, where we can just enjoy...
We need to come back in 2 days, as pokey has sneaked out to travel with us, thus thr shall be no piks coming in this one

main story:
therefore we leave for rishikesh on an evening bus .....oh i almost forgot....to be contd.

prologue part II
andy has not packed yet, its all Aparna's fault. she had taken his responsibility. he buys liquor...ample,... rum...the good old old monk, so Aparna has to go to andy's place and make him pack. he packs pell mell. almost.... with the rum being carefully alligned not to break in the back pack. a pissed bonny, a curious adi, and two pizza slices later we go off. find an auto and laugh all the wat

main story contd. ...
hmmm so we leave on an evening bus where andy is getting desperate to either sleep or smoke, whichever possible earlier. and ofcourse we are all chips hungry.
reach rishikesh in rge middle of the night, reach to the room and start drinking.... oh it was fun, and no one got drunk.

i guess i should leave it, right here...too much to write too little patience
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