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Thursday, March 20, 2008

backward trail

this blog seems to go backwards... i started with the latest adventure n i have to go backwards... well introduction to the assholes has already happenned on my other blog "wishes" so u may read it there...im not bothering to copy paste that link to this blog....

i am named fatmosphere...but also have been appreciated for the god gifted ability to be the softest cushion ever....

that is really well used by all of them.....specially the bounce back factor...ive been hit by the football square on where it shouldnt have hit...no apologies came through. ive been hit by a wet shirt...

people just plain jump on me coz i seem to be a good mattress and a block to a hit on a hard surface. then ofcourse im a good biting surface...i have learnt a lesson....bite back before u get bitten...and i have to have to do something about my ticklish properties. its an amazing weapon for my friends. they just pin me down and tickle me.... for pete's sake.....save me!

its strange wen u keep hearing about a certain person on and off and u really get curious about that guy and want to meet him. so much so that u feel as if u know this person and he is a long lost friend. "arjun" be his name....and i have heard, now, about a million anecdotes of all the bulldog games and the morning walks and the mud fights and his tremendous energies on the field... now i really gotta meet him.... its more than due.

new stories coming up...in order of randomness

1. the trip to TSG 2, CP, panchkuyia, gaffar market...and bak...

2. rishikesh special mention to all the harkaten.... dahi chawal and drunk "trust me's"

3. the various expeditions to palika... the plans of counter strike in cp

4. bluff masters... the tarikas of the bash bros

5. the bites and the ball aims

6. the long walks early mornings...

7. sneak out preview

ummm dont wait...laziness has crept into me

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