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Sunday, March 26, 2006

10 things

i am writing this to just remember the good things in life...lately i have been concentrating on the other aspects
this one for the people i love ...things i love abt them
wil be a long read....

  1. adorable(specially wen she is irritated)
  2. independent
  3. honest
  4. perfectionist
  5. hard working
  6. very dedicated
  7. loves us a lot
  8. expects a lot out of us...always waiting for us to do things better
  9. strong willed
  10. forgives easily (just thoda patana padta hai)
  11. cooks wow....yum
  12. creative
  13. really very beautiful


  1. understanding
  2. strong
  3. loves us a lot
  4. creative
  5. forgetful like me
  6. solves all the problems in a jiffy
  7. back bone of the house.....saari ladaiya suljhate hain
  8. works very hard
  9. believes in love and family
  10. honest
  11. encouraging
  12. always smiling
  13. doesnt let us know about any problem he is facing just to let us have every thing we ever want....(this is true abt mom too)

mom and dad

  1. they are the best parents a child can have
  2. always loving
  3. they know what's right and wrong
  4. they are ready to listen to my tantrums
  5. they can do any sacrifice for me and my bro
  6. they are ready to forgive me for things i cant forgive myself for
  7. they are both very encouraging sometimes to the point of pushing
  8. they balance me out
  9. they have spoilt me into always depending on them
  10. they have taught me to face anything in life with a smile


  1. his honesty
  2. street smartness
  3. mad about music
  4. he is very caring specially wen im unwell
  5. knows wen i need to be hugged
  6. loves me a lot (i think )
  7. he loves his family a lot
  8. (some secrets i can't reveal)
  9. he is a very giving guy
  10. he is very neat and clean(which i can't at all)
  11. he is a romantic and he cant agree to that
  12. he is damn talented
  13. he is as dreamy and imaginative as me
  14. i just love him a lot...dont really know why
  15. he loves me as much as i do


  1. well ahem, he is my adorable brother
  2. smart and tall and goodlooking
  3. he is a very understanding brother
  4. hmm acts a lil older than he is
  5. cooks fairly well
  6. supportive
  7. a lil mad
  8. my badmashi partner
  9. my best friend
  10. the only guy in the world i know i can do anything for
  11. has s gr8 sense of humour


  1. very charming
  2. extremely hard working
  3. talented
  4. smart
  5. has such a beautiful voice
  6. such a gr8 frnd to have
  7. can love a person the way he/she wants
  8. caring and loving
  9. mature
  10. a great writer
  11. knows wen to hold you and hug you
  12. can love without any wants
  13. emotional and yet practical
  14. i just love him too...ssooooo much....just for being vamsi


  1. He is very sweet
  2. very emotional
  3. a great listener
  4. gr8 poet and a equally good writer
  5. he is like this guy i like to talk coz he thinks beyond what others do
  6. believes in love
  7. enjoys the small moments of life
  8. good looking
  9. can laugh at his own pains
  10. can make u smile at silly things
  11. can make u see things that u have closed ur eyes to.....
  12. is very charming
  13. is a child at heart


  1. a gr8 poet
  2. a good thinker
  3. an adorable woman ....really
  4. a very good friend in need and in deed
  5. a gr8 person to talk to about anything
  6. book worm like me
  7. romantic
  8. dreamy and mad like me
  9. understands me well
  10. can smile about the things which are trivial
  11. a very positive person


  1. she is very sweet
  2. very understanding
  3. one of those people who can handle bad things and good things with ease
  4. a gr8 mom and a gr8 woman
  5. hard working
  6. young at heart
  7. laughs easily
  8. she is very charming
  9. sings well
  10. acts well
  11. honest too
  12. one of the few elders i confide in

I. RUSHABH and AGOM (cudnt put them in different categories)

  1. fun loving
  2. very ambitious
  3. romantic and very loving
  4. talented
  5. very open hearted and loving to each other
  6. gr8 frnds
  7. gr8 to share my good times with them
  8. bad times generall get forgotten with them
  9. remind me to stay young and really forget about the tensions of life
  10. they are as mad as me
  11. very positive people
  12. extremely giving

well i dont what i got out of this writing but i just wanted to this....just to remember you guys i love so much

if i missed out anybody i am sorry i do love u guys ...but these are my favourites.....

and tagging u guys


p.s. - pheebee..i love you too so need to know a lil more about you to write....atleast 10 things.....

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