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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Meet Frida Kahlo!

For those who know me in RL, they would know I got a dog recently. She goes by the name Frida Kahlo Kukur (named after the painter and the fact that she is a black dog -Free 'da' Kalo Kukur)

We adopted her from this lovely couple who stay in a farmhouse near chhatarpur. A gaddi pup, she is going to be massive. But a big dog for big people like us is I guess apt.

Beautiful as she is – this one does behave a quite a lot like a cat much to my frustration. But also that gives me the kind of space I could not have hoped for from another dog. Ram milaye jodi for us!

It is fun to see Stupendous man take up responsibility. He tries really hard. Most of the time getting annoyed after she refuses to eat vegetarian rice and pumpkin (partly also because she is teething), or when she munches on his bathroom slippers.

Even more fun when he gets jealous of me, after Frida follows me around the entire house like a tail – no matter what I am doing!

My friends have started coming home to meet me and stupendous man (but actually we are just an excuse to meet madam).

I will have a section called the adventures with Frida soon. Maybe keep updating them as they happen.

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