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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rapes and outrage

This rape, the protest, the people who are pretending to care are irking me...

How do you categorise molestation? what is going on?

have you started treating your gfs with more respect. stopped hitting your wives, and stopped telling your sisters to wear modest clothes, told your would be not to focus on your bidding and chose her career/lifestyle over yours, stopped oggling at the next girl with a good figure and revealing clothes????...

The day you do that then come and have a nice long chat about how to stop these heinous crimes.

Maybe even the prime minister will entertain you

i think for now the govt knows that your short term memory will outrage over dhoni's team losing to pakistan next week... and this young girl whose life has been destroyed will lay forgotten, while nightmares will drive her insane... and every person who meets her will make her relive her experience for every second of the day for the rest of her life

Here we are making exemplaries of Saudi Arabia and lebanon where men are publically beheaded for rape. So you think countries that dont let their women drive, work or have a right to vote and take insane pleasure at killing others and lynching them publically are good examples of a growing civilisation. What are those men getting killed for? is it a righteous revenge for their misdeed? is it just public outrage at those men's evil wrong doing? or is it just misplaced pleasure at seeing someone else getting tortured? the same kind of pleasure we derive at college ragging. Or looking at a politician getting embarrassed?
Have these punishments helped in nullifying rape? or has it just taken another shape?

Arent we the same nation of hypocrites that are raging over how the men have done heinous crimes who a month ago were questioning the morality of the girl who got molested in guwahati?

Arent we the same set of people who look at Sunny Leon and say 'oh my! she is hot and aspire to be her and say she is the reason why men are such bastards' in the same breath. The more things change, the more they remain the same. We just like to outrage. it seems to be the thing of the day. we wont change our attitudes. join the police, become the change. We will keep screaming and shouting on the top of our lungs that things should change. and yet... our maids and kuda wali bais wont be able to drink tea in the same cups and sit on the floor when they get a chance instead of sofas, and treated as equals...because we think we are doing them great favours by letting them have our second hand clothes. Divisions, racism, sexism are mindsets, they dont come outr of nowhere... they are creations of men. and if we dont stop that... nothing, absolutely nothing will change.
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