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Friday, August 31, 2012

When Jobs are Boring

So I did a google search on “what to do when your job is boring”. And it seems most people think that you need to keep that boring job because it pays. And the feeling of satisfaction will come from other things like family. A 9 to 5 makes a perfect setting for a family, and enough savings for the future amongst other things like how boring jobs are boring because I make them so. And I need to accept more challenges and probably ask my company to give me an opportunity to help me add to my qualifications.

But here is the thing...

I think my present job is boring as hell. And oh my most people who see me in my job would believe it. It doesn’t have any challenge. It is like a job in a call centre (which I hated in my 2 month stint, no offence). I hated every moment then, and now that I am supposed to have grown up, I hate this ‘pseudo call centre’ even more. In no way do I mean that call centre jobs ARE boring. They are just boring to me. I can’t do them. In fact maybe I am just plain bad at it. I can make calls all right, I just hate doing it. It frustrates me and makes me sleep off on my desk.

However that is not all there is to crib about. People do jobs for several reasons:

  1. To forge a career and get as far ahead as you could... mainly follow your ambition, it may be the brand name – for example a car mechanical engineer would definitely love to work in Ferrari for its brand name even if the other factors weren't compelling enough. 
  2. For the challenge of the job, and how professionally satisfied you feel with the job. 
  3. A really hefty salary, it is a real push for a lot of people who get great salaries even if the jobs are not as satisfying. It is important to have a good salary; you can save for the future, have a good family life, and buy a new house. It may sound too superficial, but a good salary is always important. 
  4. It keeps you occupied while life doesn't offer anything else more exciting. 

Unfortunately my ‘boring job’ doesn’t pay or any other thing and it has been bugging me for the past few months... but trust me... a boring job is much better than a ‘no job’ situation. Having no job makes you lazy. And thats that. What makes it even more irksome is that you see people around you going about their daily activities while you are sitting without a care in the world... ok, I agree, that was sarcasm in its purest form.

An unsatisfying job, more often than not, will shatter your self esteem. And in turn also not let you grow personally. It becomes all the more imperative that you now re-evaluate your choices more carefully than before, you can judge what are the decisions so far that can be changed. See whether your company gives you as much value as an employer as you give yourself. It is however a dangerous minefield. Most of us evaluate ourselves as indispensable. In a country with a high population like India, that isn’t possible. We do have a lack of specialised skill sets, and training for management level jobs. But most employers make the mistake of ignoring the investment made in every employer and are more interested in extracting more than they are paying.

Careers aren’t based on only one job that you keep doing for your entire life. On the contrary they are based on the learning and growth curve that your current job has to offer you. Unfortunately, since there is no dearth of people willing to perform your duties for a lesser price, most employers don’t focus on the effectiveness of an older employee, hence don’t hesitate in replacing you. Which is one of the reasons most people refuse to let go of their current jobs. But, the satisfaction of a good satisfying job, will more often than not reflect on your personal lives. The people with jobs that are satisfactory also have healthy personal lives statistically.

A major chunk of people who work on lesser salaries but are working in NGOs and the development industry can vouch for that. Even people who volunteer for benevolent causes (not just pay money for tax reasons) can tell you that despite hectic schedules, they have more emotional bond towards their families and friends and are very satisfied with what they are currently doing.

It is not as if it is only creatively inclined people who are currently satisfied. (Many people think that creative jobs keep people satisfied) it is also the 9 to 5 desk jobs that are suitable for a healthy career growth. Each to his own liking, a travelling photographer can be as upset about his job as an accountant. So don’t think that you should quit doing what you are doing because someone said what you do is a boring job. If it suits you, if you like it... that’s what is most important.

Quit if you have to, but stick to your instincts, and strengths... because ultimately, whatever job you do, if at the end of the day, you feel it is worth it, it most definitely is...

As far as I am concerned... its time to move on
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