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Monday, August 17, 2009

part m1: the nonchildhood

B makes her first appearance in our story, fighting ninja monkeys at the age of three. while the location was very serene, and she was quite innocent. destiny had other plans for her... she valiantly fought but she lost... her most precious possession. and she swore then that she would not let anything be so dear to her. instead she steeled herself against this cruel world.
Even in her school days, while others lay simply learning their ABC's she sat in her seat, contemplating, how she would take over the world one day. making her evil plans on her classwork notebook. with marked diagrams. while the teacher presumed the brilliant child was doing well. her genius lay in the fact that she could fool anyone with her innocent smiles and banterings of any other child.
she preferred working alone... lest she be caught up in the worldlyness of the others. what did they know, how cruel this world is. fate is going to destroy their dreams and she knew it. she had known that ever since she fought those ninja monkeys. once in a while she would act cute, she had to... everyone else would be suspicious otherwise... and oh! the amount of people who fell victim to her visciousness. the only time she showed her true powers to the world was when someone else tried to hurt her. She rose like the serpent and struck back. and she acted cute again to get out of it. it was too easy... it was a piece of cake for her actually...
no one knows how she suddenly changed from a mere little child of 3 to a 12 year old... no one...  B keeps her secrets hidden deep within her. This is all I know about her Childhood... from her lost diaries... and other people's accounts... obviously most have haad their memories modified... wonder what she did to them to have to resort to such a drastic use of her super powers.
B grows up in this rather fishy world.. . in her own FISHY ways... sometimes chickeny on sundays...
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