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Not so young Fashion Graduate From National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Delhi, India. Aspiring journalist. Amongst other eclectic hobbies, she likes writing and has written several poems and articles over her school and college life and now for a living. She would someday like to be be a more popular writer than just on her blogs. 'Tis a lady of grand splendor, who waketh in my bed every morning while the sun beckons her towards night...

Monday, September 26, 2011


She lay,
She just lay
Next to me,
I read,
and she just kept looking up,
That’s all the moment had.
But, I never found the characters
Never saw their faces…
All I could see were hers,
While the heroine danced, I felt her move,
While the hero kissed,
I felt her lips smelling of cigars,
While the villain stabbed,
I felt her digging her nails to the soil…
And all she did was sit… gazing…
She didn’t blink,
Not once did she blink…
Not one word came out of her,
Not even when her mouth was full of maggots,
Not even when her skin turned from milk to mould…
For so I loved her,
She was told not to speak…
The last I heard her moan,
When I slit her open...
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