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Thursday, February 24, 2011

uski ankho me jugnu hain aur ye raat bohat lambi hai. . .kya ye roshni kafi hai muqqadar se ladne k liye.

The lines are from someone else’s poetry and well she does write well. Everyone should check her out. When the statement was followed by comments on facebook, she explained that it was written about a student of hers who was suffering from TB and was very likely to die, as she can’t afford the treatment. But yet, she comes to school every day, even though it is of no use to her.  Whatever one’s opinion might be, but ummeed pe duniya kayam hai. And why not?
Taken in Onkareshwar 2007, Narmada Ghats
For me, it is difficult to imagine a god that punishes little children with diseases and death and war and calamities ever so often. It is also difficult for me to believe in a god that would do this for revenge of our forefathers. And many a times, I have tried explaining it to myself why this happens. Well there is no reason at all. It is the larger picture that matters… the world will go on, with or without these children. It will grow, it will fall, the seasons will change, and it will come to an end in future, whether these children live or die today. Whatever the lifespan of a human or animal, they are there to maintain this balance in the universe.

So what if million of such insignificants are sacrificed in the process. But are they just sacrificed?

This little one comes to school every day, knowing she has no future, but she hopes she has. She hopes that someday her father will have enough money to get her treatment, she hopes that despite her condition, she can play, laugh, learn, fight, fall with all the other kids… atleast I hope she does. I also hope someone sees that life in her and helps her live more. It is often our attitude to our disability that is the biggest hindrance in our life. The disability or handicap in our heads that doesn’t allow us to be happy.
There is no ultimate success… otherwise, Bill Gates would have stopped at just being the richest man in the world… why would he work harder and run a company and make it bigger than it already was? It wasn’t greed, im sure the money he has is enough for all the worldly possessions and more. It was the want to be better than I am today. One can’t compete with someone else to be successful, I am more successful than X, and there would always be a Y who is more successful than you. So where does this competition end? It ends at where you are satisfied. If one just competes with today, you would always be better tomorrow. Then material failures won’t matter, neither would death, nor impending doom. I see children with down syndrome challenging themselves everyday and succeeding immensely, they enjoy each moment of happiness, not even thinking whether they would be able to repeat the same task effectively again or not. They may not be able to communicate properly, but they think, talk, laugh, enjoy and make other’s happy too. Is that a handicap? Or is it a bigger disability that you cant even keep peace, and talk and laugh in your own house every day?   

Everyone has some talent or the other, whether it is singing beautifully, or writing enchantingly or simply giving joy, bringing up your children, give food to the birds, grow crops, bring up a business single handedly, talk nicely to others. So why crib about the Have Nots? I hope I see what I have and maybe use it... 

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more” - Anthony Robbins
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