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Monday, February 07, 2011

changing times

The view outside my house in delhi these days is superb, after the rains the skies have cleared up revealing colours that i thought were no longer possible to see in delhi. While the Skies outside are changing into vivid shades of orange, Pink, purple, gold and silver, life as ever remains a drab. dissapointment reigns supreme and the only bits of excitement that occasionally mark my otherwise boring existence is my love life, which seems to be going smoothly and happily. But, despite tall claims from philosophers over many centuries, love can take you only so far. while many will claim that it is so fulfilling that their is nothing else you need. it seems that they were only blatant lies. 
I find myself wishing many times that I was back in college, the failures their atleast added to some sort of adventure. 

"this again was written long back found it in my drafts folder... so publishing it now...
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