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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chapter -1 Childhood

One year old and he was already making news. even the doctor was surprised at the childs amazing ability to eat and digest most things that other kids wont touch with a bargepole. what he loved the most was eating icecream and chasing goats in busy markets. No one then noticed his special power of finding notes in the odd adverts of a washing powder which made your head spin.
He could probably teach the grownups  all the countries and their capitals at the age of three. Who was to know that skill would be specially helpful in his later years. Nabbing the gang of highly deceptive felons of international stature and specially their cool headed female boss.
He had an inquisitive mind right from the beginning, and started questioning people about the most seemingly mundane things. It was then he got to know about the tanks of the world. How this society was built around Mother tank and mama tanks... he wondered if the world was built only around that.
His superpowers by this time had already developed. And though he did not know how he would use them, he just entertained people with it. Making friends out of complete strangers. He was easily likeable. But what is the truth about him?
Will stupendous man be able to learn the truth about himself?
Will he realise his gift in time to save the unsaved?
Will he have a normal life?
What are these tanks?
this and more... coming up soon
to be contd.
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