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Saturday, June 06, 2009

i philosophise

We have all suddenly started wanting things that are "not so perfect", isn’t it? Especially in the last few years.
But science still works for perfection… human mind seems to be striving for perfection and yet aesthetics still declare the imperfect as the fashion, or fad , whatever u may call it.
Its strange how human mind works, constantly looking for change but never accepting it when it comes to using that change. Things are always "forever". We think of things as stable as they are as of now “hamesha aisa hi rahega...” nothing can change. But, then we all are looking for change, always.

As fashion students we are told how to incorporate the want of change and make "them" buy what we make. Essentially not making anything new but definitely finding out what is it that the other people want and taking the chances. But even in our personal lives we are scared to take chances… but we do… coz there is nothing definite. We take a chance coz we don’t have any choice.

even if I "think all about it" I still know that my plans may not succeed. So, it is a chance isn’t it?
coz I guess it’s the imperfection and the risk that entices people… people who give up and die are those who know there is not a second way......

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