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Sunday, September 21, 2008

dhai ka pahad... the competition

in the last few years... in the off and on friendship between me and shreyas, thr have been a couple of constants.
  1. our love for pancham, gulzar sahab and asha ji/ kishore da(alternatively, or maybe i wouldnt know)
  2. our love for pink floyd (especially DSOTM)
  3. our constant fights and shouting matches over one thing or the other
  4. him singing khamaj...and me knowing that i dont know anyone else who can sing this song better than him...and him requesting me to sing the toughest of songs...knowing im gonna screw it up anyway.
  5. and our competition for the worst jokes ever.
and it is the last im gonna talk about.... now shreyas sharma (or big daddy, as he likes to refer to himself...at times) has a sense of humour. most people who know him wil agree that he has an awful sense of humour. i mean so bad that u end up wishing why, just why isnt stabbing legal. and most of the times you would not even care if it was legal or not... you would simple hit and punch him and wish that you had a dagger.... except that punches dont effect him much... not mine anyway.

weirdly enough... i decided to give him some competition in the matter. and the last one year has been mine... as in i was holding on to the trophy and no matter how much he tried he just couldnt surpass the "egg-sell" joke... as far as i remember, this was about some paki bowler who if he hadnt "excelled" in bowling would be "egg-selling"
then i came up with the
"Q: why shouldnt you pick up a hurt चील from the road??
A: coz it would be ill-eagle...."

i guess that was the last straw for mr sharma's im-the-more-pathetic-one ego. so the attempts to snatch the trophy became fervent. and he came up with vari9ous ones... he would just pop them up at unexpected moments
  • " what would be the last name of you friend named vicky?
  • what if you had to say the multiplication tables of 2.5??
please dont ...."ढाई का पहाड़" मत बना....
  • what should himesh reshamiya be really named??
rimmesh..... since all he does is makes noises as if someone is rimming him.

thr are more, the one that took the trophy.... damn i cant remember it... considering that i will not be spared of his bad jokes... the trophy is to stay with him. and i dont think im gonna try to surpass him....

so mr sharma the trophy is to stay with you.. or i'm hiring a certain someone from kolkata to kill you...she will definitely do the job...considering how much weary she is of you...

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