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Sunday, August 17, 2008

living in decadence

i never seem to find an apt titles for my posts... so mostly they are random. and by the end of the post something way weird strikes me and i end up putting that up.

i have changed...
i have started keeping my room clean and organised... and i dont like it one bit. my craze for the organisation in the crowd is gone, it seems... i first thought it was a phase... but it seems im more crazy about keeping things in place... my mother seems to agree with this new kind of aparna.. she has actually started appreciating my existence on this planet... well, i wouldn't say i have become a cleanliness freak.. what i mean to say is i keep everything in order... i used have my music always in order. alphabetically, at times even genre-wise... but later alphabetical order started working fine. as i never really know what genre i want to listen to... one moment its RATM and the next song queued up (intentionally) is a romantic hindi track... so doesnt make sense putting things up genre wise... i always end up messing around with my play list.

OK, that means the old aparna hasn't given up yet.... yaaaaayyy!!! :D

it rained and it rained on the 14th of august. just didnt seem to stop and i was stuck in a bloody car... couldnt stay home to sleep , or even get out in the rain and drench up... so by the end of it we ended up driving some 130 kms in and around delhi... we could have reached hrishikesh and had a better day. and we were stuck in the worst kind of traffic jams possible.

poor agom spent 900 bucks on petrol.... this is our "free" country, where we spend so much to live decently... well it pinches once in a while... I'm happy to be here... these 14th augusts come about once in every 3 months and we curse the 'damned' country as much as we can. leaving around an air of words which start with 'maa..@#' and 'behe..^#%'... and we curse the bloody truck who has been honking away and giving crash metal a run for its money and we add the bass lines to that tune while we are honking and making lyrics while throwing abuses at him...

hmm... next time I'm recording this musical fusion... i seem to feel trash metal has the same components...
  1. a lot of noise (here, created by the truck behind us)
  2. a strong base line (here, created by the cars/ bikes in front of the truck)
  3. rhythm (here, by the engines of the cars, scooters, trucks etc and also rain has its own rhythm)
  4. a lot of abuses and curses flying around in random order ...
except that in this fusion we will have Hindi abuses instead of the English ones.

currently listening to: Alice in Chains, mtv unplugged 1996
currently reading :bourne supremacy, (cant seem to finish it soon enough)
currently watching : black lagoon, anime series
image courtesy: my brother dearest,his trip to dharmshala, a random restaurant menu card.
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