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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

blah blah

i have been told that i have been blogging too much. actually im kinda bored i guess... or not...
yeah whatever. its all just super blah. a whole lot of crap written out to nobodies.. i mean, sure my life sucks, but how more obviously pathetic do i have to sound by writing all of it down and then reading it back again in boredom and feeling worse about it than i was before.. frankly i havent read even one of my posts back(in the last few days) and those who do read my blog must have a lot time to ... coz its anyway full of random boredom. its the ultimate high.... its just so monotonous that you feel nothing exists anyway, kinda what you feel if you have had a lot of weed... the only difference is that when on weed there is no feeling. boredom has that human touch to it. you feel a lot of things when you are bored.
love is a very boring feeling. leaves space for no other feeling to grow... and broken records once again
doesnt make any sense to be so bummed about all of this anyway... just that I'm so low that i cant think of anything to do... and no, its NOT coz of "A" for a change. so quit bothering

ADVICE : quit bothering about me, i think i should learn to manage on my own. its a long due lesson. i cant keep throwing my 'modes'/ MOODS on anyone who is willing to talk to me... no one has endless patience and time for losers with weird problems cropping up every other day. i guess its time people who care quit trying to do that for me. i dont need "best" friends... who decide one fine day by themselves that they dont want to be that anymore... i dont need any more losses
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